bread prepared with white flour

The concentration of Fe in thigh muscle, breast muscle, gizzard and liver selected from different localities of Lahore ranged from 10.63±0.08mg/kg to 17.58±0.93mg/kg, 2.67±0.08mg/kg to 21.99±o.25mg/kg, 10.62±0.01mg/kg to 21.66±0.41mg/kg, 56.97±0.48mg/kg to 160.45±0.57mg/kg respectively. The results showed significant differences among various locations. The concentration of Fe was below the permissible limit (150mg/kg) except in the sample of liver of Outfall Road.

Physicochemical Characteristics of Bread

The aim of this study was to increase the nutrient content of bread prepared with white flour, using the valuable metabolites included in Spirulina platensis. In this study, conventional breads were added 10% of Spirulina.