Editorial Board

Scientific Editors

Syed Khursheed Hasan Hashmi

Email: drkhursheedhashmi@gmail.com

Department: Pathology

University: Liaqat National Medical College, Karachi

Position: Professor

Country: Pakistan

Expertise: Microbiology

Executive Editors

Muhammad Naeem Iqbal

Email: chairman@psm.org.pk

Department: Life Science College

University: Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

Position: Editor/Chair (PSM)

Country: Pakistan

Expertise: Molecular Microbiology, Biology

Asfa Naeem

Email: chief-executive@psm.org.pk

Department: School of Life Sciences

University: Fujian Normal University, China

Position: Chief Executive PSM

Country: Pakistan

Expertise: Biology, Microbiology

Editorial Board Members

Dina Chamidah

Email: dina.chamidah@yahoo.co.id

Department: Biology

University: University of Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya

Position: Chairman and Head

Country: Indonesia

Expertise: Biology

Adel Mohammad Ali Al-Matary

Email: adelalmatary@yahoo.com

Department: Earth & Environmental Sciences

University: Sana’a University

Position: Associate Professor

Country: Yemen

Expertise: Geology, Environmental Science

Lowrence Rene Christena

Email: r.c.lawrance@sheffield.ac.uk

Department: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

University: University of Sheffield, UK

Position: Research Fellow

Country: UK (United Kingdom)

Expertise: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology