Diabetes is a serious metabolic disorder and plenty of medical plants are used in traditional medicines to treat diabetes. Diabetes is mainly due to oxidative stress and an increase in reactive oxygen species that can have major effects. The number of people with diabetes today has been growing and causing increasing concerns in the medical community and the public. Medicinal plants have a vast potential in the treatment of various ailments due to the presence of therapeutically important phytochemicals. Monolluma quadrangula (MQ) is an important medicinal plant used as a drug for diabetes mellitus in traditional medicine. A recent study by Almadiy et al. documented the use of M. quadrangula extracts as the protective and curative plant against diabetes mellitus by decreasing oxidative stress and in turn, the blood glucose level in diabetic induced male rats. It can be said that medicinal plants are more affordable and effective in the treatment of diabetes mellitus.Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, Monolluma quadrangula, phytochemicals, medicinal plants.Citation: Ashraf, A., Ali, M.A., Iqbal, M.N., 2020. Monolluma quadrangula as the Protective and Curative Plant against Diabetes Mellitus. PSM Microbiol., 5(3): MB-2020-046.