Antibiotics are frequently used in food animal production in developing countries to promote the wellbeing and growth of animals. A major concern has been that repeatedly exposing these animals to small doses of antibiotics contributes significantly to antimicrobial resistance since a good fraction of the antibiotics used are the same or surrogates of antibiotics used in human therapeutic practices. There are heightened concerns globally on emerging drug-resistant superbugs and the lack of new antibiotics for treating human and animal diseases.With the increase in regulations regarding the use of antibiotic growth promoters and the rise in consumer demand for poultry products from ‘Raised Without Antibiotics’ or ‘No Antibiotics Ever’ flocks, the quest for alternative products or approaches has intensified in recent years. For the agricultural industry, there is an urgent need to develop strategies to replace antibiotics for food-producing animals, especially poultry and livestock. Alternative products play a crucial role in allowing farmers and veterinarians to reduce the use of antibiotics. A recent study demonstrated the use of probiotics (yogurt) and acidifier (vinegar) on overall growth performance and immune status of broilers which can serve as an alternative to antibiotics as growth-promoting agents in the commercial poultry sector.Keywords: Antibiotics, antimicrobial resistance, poultry nutrition, acidifier, probiotics.Citation: Iqbal, M.N., Ashraf, A., 2020. Poultry Feed Supplements (Vinegar and Yogurt) as Antibiotic Alternatives for Maximizing Growth Performance and Feed Efficiency. PSM Microbiol., 5(2): MB-2020-047.