Many respiratory diseases of chickens undergo airway contraction from edema, the formation of mucus, and cellular penetration. Based on the natural breath by breath system sometimes the normal amount of air may not flow easily. So the airways may vulnerable to failure. That leads to the common symptoms of the disease such as noisy breathing, cough, lethargy, and sneeze. Therefore, mucolytic drug therapy (bromhexine) is one of the options to increase the diameter of the airway that may mitigate or even eliminate these clinical signs. Hence the objective of this study is to review the literature regarding the use of bromhexine for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases.Keywords: Respiratory diseases, chickens, mucus, disease symptoms, bromhexine.Citation: Ali, Q., Mafeng, L., Anchun, C., 2019. Use of Bromhexine in the Management of Respiratory Diseases in Chickens. PSM Microbiol., 4(4): 83-87.