The growth of poultry industry depends on the provision of physically, chemically and microbiologically good quality water. Transmission of infectious diseases is favored by close contact among birds drinking water from the same source. The drinking water plays an essential role in spreading the bacterial, viral and protozoan infections to poultry. The health of birds is affected directly or indirectly by different chemical or microbiological contaminants present in drinking water. Economic losses resulting from waterborne infections in poultry industry can be controlled by improving the microbial, chemical and physical qualities of water, strengthening of water delivery sources and treatment of drinking water. This review explores the fundamental knowledge available on the waterborne diseases in poultry and highlights the possibilities of water disinfection.


Poultry industry, infectious diseases, microbiological contaminants, water disinfection.


Ashraf, A., Iqbal, I., Iqbal, M.N., 2019. Waterborne Diseases in Poultry: Drinking Water as a Risk Factor to Poultry Health. PSM Microbiol., 4(3): MB-2019-041.