The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of oral candidiasis in cancer patients and their antifungal susceptibility. A total of 50 cancer patients were included in this study, oral examination was done and oral swabs were taken from all the participants for yeast culture, identification and susceptibility testing to Fluconazole and two volatile oils by agar test. Oral candidiasis was prevalent in 23 (46%) of all cancer patients. The highest rate of total candidiasis was seen in male 12 (52.2%) than female 11 (47.8%). The highest prevalence of Candida albicans was in the age group 41-60 years which was 13 (56.52%) while the lowest was in children 2(8.96%). The overall sensitivity of C. albicans to Fluconazole and Clove oil was 100% and 99% respectively, and no effect of coriander oil was found. The study revealed that the oral candidiasis was prevalent in patients who use chronic antibiotics, chewing qat, and tobacco smoking.


Antifungal Sensitivity, Candidiasis, Candida albicans, Prevalence.


Alhamzi, E.H.L., Al.Maqtari, M.A., 2018. Isolation, Characterization, Distribution and Antifungal Sensitivity of Candida albicans from Oral Cancer Patients. PSM Microbiol. 3(3): 82-92.