Water is a severe environmental constraint to plant productivity. Drought-induced loss in crop yield probably exceeds losses from all other causes, since both the severity and duration of the stress are critical. Drought affect is noticeable at all level of organization from cellular to whole plant level. Manifestation of combination of morpho-physiological changes decides the ability of plant to overcome limited water supply and sustain its growth. Plant drought tolerance does not remain same at all stages of wheat development due to the variable responses. Therefore, it is important to develop relationship between drought and yield traits at different stages of wheat development. Drought at booting or flowering stage of wheat development shows strong relationship with grain yield. While seedling growth shows higher correlation with drought tolerance in wheat under drought field condition. Relative yield for comparison of different genotypes made good indicator of tolerance potential.


Drought tolerance, genotypes, grain, tolerance.


Fatima, M., Ahmed, Z., Aslam, M., Zaynab, M., 2018. Drought Effect and Tolerance Potential of Wheat: A Mini-Review. Int. J. Nanotechnol. Allied Sci., 2(2): 16-21.