The data about the prevalence of hypertension of approximately one hundred patients was collected by interviewing them in Narowal, Pakistan. The data had been analyzed to determine the relative occurrence and incidence of hypertension by different age groups. The analysis showed the prevalence of hypertension was more in females (64%, n=64/100) as compared to males (34%, n=34/100). Hypertension was more prevalent in age group 38-47 years (32%) and less prevalent in age group 68-77 years (6%). In our sample population the prevalence of hypertension by age group 18-27 years was 13%, age group 28-37 years was 16%, age group 38-47 years was 32%, age group 48-57 years was 18%, age group 58-67 years was 15% and by age group 68-77 years was 6%. Known as “the silent killer”, the disease may prevail without symptoms for prolonged periods so there is requirement of investigations to know the exact rate and risk factor of this overwhelming disease.


Hypertension, incidence, age groups, symptoms.


Iqbal, M.N., Ashraf, A., Iqbal, I., Iqbal, A., Alam, S., Yunus, F.N., 2018. Incidence of Hypertension among Various Age Groups in Narowal, Pakistan. Int. J. Nanotechnol. Allied Sci., 2(2): 12-15.