The present study was conducted to see the effect of various levels of Hoagland and Arnon nutrient solution on the growth and yield of mango on a sandy-loamy clay soil by using stem injection technique. The data obtained revealed that maximum plant height (352.08 cm), number of flowers (569.24), number of fruits per tree (1005.80), maximum plant girth (82.37 cm), fruit weight (142.79 gm), fruit length (20.45 cm), and fruit yield (65.51 kg/plant) were recorded in T5 (100 ml/tree) respectively. However, the treatment T1 showed poor results for all the parameters which indicate that too low or high nutrient solution application may negatively affect the vigorous growth and yield parameters of mango. Results suggest that the treatment T5 for the mango trees cv. (Anwar Ratole), were found appropriate for the best possible growth and yield of mangoes as it showed bumper growth with lush green leaves and showed a moderate fruit setting.


Mango, Anwar Ratole, Stem Injection Technique, Hoagland and Arnon - Nutrient Solution, Makhdum Rasheed, Multan.


Arshad, I., Khan, Z.A., Shah, N.H., 2019. Effect of Hoagland and Arnon Nutrient Solution on the Growth and Yield of Mango (Mangifera indica L.) by Using Stem Injection Technique. Int. J. Altern. Fuels. Energy., 3(2): 25-30.