The microorganisms that ultimately bring about the spoilage of flesh foods are either present at the time of slaughter or introduced by workmen and their cutting tools, or by water and air in the dressing, cooling and cutting rooms.  Meat is an ideal medium for many organisms to grow because it is high in moisture, rich in nitrogenous compounds (e.g. amino acids, peptides, and proteins) and plentifully supplied with minerals and accessory growth factors. The marketed raw meat is available with objectionable hygiene and in the open air without adequate temperature control in Pakistan, resulting in bacterial contamination. The raw meat sellers should adopt cleaning and disinfection practices to prevent the spread of foodborne diseases and household cleaning agents may play an important role in this regard. It is therefore advisable for all the requirements pertaining to personal and general hygiene to be implemented and monitored by management to minimize the contamination of the raw meat.

Keywords: Microorganisms, raw meat, disinfectants, bacterial pathogens.

Citation: Iqbal, M.N., Iqbal, I., 2020. Raw Meat Sellers should Adopt Cleaning and Disinfection Practice. PSM Vet. Res., 5(1): VR-2020-019.