The higher growth rate and feed conversion efficiency of broiler birds make them more prone to transportation stress and heat stress than ever before. As from hatchery to farm and from farm to processing units the broiler chickens went through many stressors that affect their well-being as well as the production performance. The negative aspects of heat stress and transportation stress on poultry welfare have recently increased the awareness and concerns among the poultry industry. Much information has been published about the use of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals against the negative effects of transportation stress and heat stress on the productivity and immune response in poultry. However, yet, the efficacy of most of the involvements has been variable or incompatible. This review highlights the scientific facts available on the importance and impact of transportation stress and heat stress in poultry production, with emphasis on broilers.

Keywords: Poultry broiler birds, transportation stress, heat stress, welfare, electrolyte, vitamin, mineral.

Citation:Ali, Q., Mafeng, L., Anchun, C., 2020. Role of Electrolytes, Vitamins and Minerals during Transportation Stress and Heat Stress in Broilers. PSM Vet. Res., 5(1): 16-21.