Trend of using organic minerals over inorganic sources in poultry is increasing very rapidly as they are supposed to be more bioavailable and efficient, reducing feeding cost due to the reduction in dose rate without having negative influence on their performance. Moreover, environmental pollution is also reduced due to low excretion of mineral traces in birds’ faeces. Most commonly used and evaluated organic forms in poultry are amino acid complexes, proteinates and chelates of zinc, copper and manganese. Most of the discussed studies have indicated the positive effects of organic minerals over inorganic in both broilers and layers. The main benefit is their lower inclusion rates due to their better absorption and low output in excreta.The objective of this review is to compare the bioavailability and efficacy of organic and inorganic minerals in poultry nutrition in the light of previous research findings.


Minerals, poultry, proteinates, organic nutrition.


Zafar, M.H., Fatima, M., 2018. Efficiency Comparison of Organic and Inorganic Minerals in Poultry Nutrition: A Review. PSM Vet. Res., 3(2): 53-59.