Avian Reovirus (ARV) has gained worldwide importance because it is an emerging viral disease of the poultry industry. Mostly it is a disease of young broiler chicken but various studies showed that it can affect all ages of birds. Investigation on seroprevalence of ARV was performed in past, but data was found very less and therefore study was carried out on the states of India, where maximum poultry population exists. A sum of 450 serum samples was collected from Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, and Maharashtra. The overall prevalence of ARV was found to be 8.67%. ARV was found highly prevalent in Tamil Nadu (11.76%), whereas lower prevalence in Maharashtra (7.63%). The samples were categorized according to different age groups. Results showed the occurrence of Avian Reovirus infection 11.79% in birds aging 10-20 weeks.


Avian Reovirus, ELISA, Sero-prevalence, India, Poultry.


Baksi, S., Rao, N., Chauhan, P., Chauhan, A., 2018. Sero-prevalence of Avian Reovirus in Broiler Breeders in Different Parts of India. PSM Vet. Res., 3(2): 22-25.