Toxoplasmosis is important zoonotic disease. This disease infected multiple species of birds, mammals, reptile and amphibian. Moreover, multiple complications have been reported in human and livestock which is important in term of their health and adverse effects on economic of country. Role of environment is very important in cross-species transmission of said zoonotic disease. In Pakistan, studies are available on animal, human and detection of said parasites from environmental samples. But there is no single study available where one health approach has been used. That’s why present review will focus on brief introduction toxoplasmosis, complications in human and animals, current status of Toxoplasma gondii infection in Pakistan and worldwide, transmission of T. gondii from environment to human, role of Wildlife in transmission of T. gondii in human and detection of T. gondii in environmental samples. Final, we will discuss that how can one health approach be useful for the control of environment role in transmission of infection in Pakistan.

Keywords: Toxoplasmosis, cross-species transmission of zoonotic disease, Toxoplasma gondii.

To cite this article:  Ali, S., 2016. Role of Environment in Cross Species Transmission of Toxoplasma gondii, Current Status and One Health Approach in Pakistan. PSM Vet. Res., 01(2): 46-49.

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