Worldwide, there are about 3.3 % victims of Hepatitis C virus. Burden of the disease is increasing at alarming rate in developing countries like Pakistan. Prevalence rate of Hepatitis C (HCV) in Pakistan is from 4.5% to 8 % (about 10 million people), that is second highest in the world. The aim of this article is to discuss the HCV genotypes and factors responsible for its transmission in Pakistan. Literature regarding topic was searched from Pubmed and PakMediNet using key words; Hepatitis C virus, Factor responsible for HCV transmissions and HCV genotypes in Pakistan.  Thirty-Five studies were included and discussed in this article and it was found that Genotype 3a was most prevalent genotype in Pakistani population. The data revealed that main causes of HCV transmission in the country are; injectable drug addictions, habits of visiting barbers shops for shave purposes, unscreened blood transfusion,  multiple uses of single needle or syringe and dental operational procedures performed by quacks and non-professionals. In Pakistan, there is a dire need of awareness programs regarding HCV transmission to reduce the disease burden.

Keywords: HCV and Pakistan, Transmission, Prevalence, Blood transfusion, Genotypes.

To cite this article: Irfan, M., Anwer, Z., Naveed, M., Ayub, H., Amman, M., 2016. HCV Genotypes and Risk factors; Current Scenario in Pakistan. PSM Biol. Res., 01(S1): S1-S5.