This study intends to promote pulses cultivation and to aware the farmers of District Faisalabad regarding the nutritive value of pulses. For this purpose, 116 farmers were selected for data collection through simple random sampling from 5 Tehsils of Faisalabad namely Jaranwala, Tandlianwala, Chak Jhumra, Samundri and Faisalabad itself. The data was collected through a questionnaire as an instrument tool and analyzed. The results showed that most of the respondents (55%) were small farmers and only 12% of farmers were large landholders. Most of the farmers were well-aware about good yielding varieties, appropriate sowing time, seed selection, seed preparation, seed rate, and sowing methods. Farmers were also well-aware of the nutritive significance of pulses but due to the low output of its production, farmers were afraid of growing on a wide scale. The single way out of this issue is to furnish farmers with modern technologies and stimulate them to create more food within accessible resources. Most recent high-quality research is impractical until it is accurately spread to the farming community. Pakistan is one of the largest pulses producing country but still, production per acre is very low than in developed countries. It is recommended that transparently providing inputs at subsidized rates to the farmers, proper marketing facilities and effective extension campaigns may help in pulses production.


Pulses, awareness, information, adoption, marketing, entrepreneurship.


Rizwan, M., Haider, S., Ahmed, F., Raza, H.A., 2019. The Promotion of Pulses Cultivation and Awareness for its Nutritive Value among the Farmers of District Faisalabad. PSM Biol. Res., 4(4): BR-2019-021.