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PSM is a nonprofit scientific publisher, innovator, and advocacy organization with a library of open access journals, books, and other scientific literature. PSM is dedicated to produce and distribute scientific and research literature for the progress of science and the benefit of society.

PSM publishes seven respected peer-reviewed journals. The PSM is the lead journal that welcomes submissions from all fields of science and from any source; PSM Biological Research covers all aspects of biology and allied sciences; PSM Veterinary Research covers all aspects of veterinary and animal sciences; PSM Microbiology, an innovative and high-quality open-access journal for the microbial sciences; International Journal of Alternative Fuels and Energy (IJAFE) is a peer-reviewed, open access, international journal that considers articles on all aspects of alternative energy sources and allied sciences. International Journal of Nanotechnology and Allied Sciences (IJNAS) deals with nanotechnology and allied sciences. International Journal of Molecular Microbiology (IJMM)  publishes research on all aspects of molecular microbiology.

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