The Effect of Cisplatin and 5-Fluorouracil versus Aloe perryi extracts on Rat Liver and Kidney Tissues

Author's: Anisa H. Almansory, Elham A.S. Al-Shaibani*, Fatma M. H. Shediwah,  Hassan M. Ibrahim
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Biology Department, Faculty of Science, Sana'a University, P.O. Box 12231, Sana'a, Yemen.*CorrespondenceElham A.S.
Article Type: Research Article     Published: Nov. 12, 2021 Pages: 59-73
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The present study was designed to compare the side effects of Cisplatin and 5-Fluorouracil with that of Aloe perryi leaves gel extracts. Twenty female albino rats (100 – 110 g) were used and assigned to 4 groups: group (I); control which received 1000 mg/kg distilled water for 30 days, group (II); intraperitoneally with 1.5 mg/kg of Cisplatin and 20 mg/kg 5-FU for 14 days; group (III) treated by Aloe aqueous extract (1000 mg/kg for 30 days), group (IV) treated by Aloe methanolic extract (1000 mg/kg for 30 days), at the end of the experiment they were anesthetized and liver and kidney were removed for histopathological studies. There was a decrement in bodyweight and relative liver and kidney weight recorded in Cisplatin and 5-FU group when compared with Aloe aqueous and methanolic extracts and control group. Histopathological investigation of the liver and kidney tissue of the control, Aloe aqueous, and methanolic extracts groups were found to be normal in structure. However, Congestion, hemorrhage, inflammatory cells infiltration, dilatation, fatty changes, vacuolation, fibrosis, and pyknosis showed histopathological changes in liver tissue of group II (intraperitoneally with Cisplatin and 5-FU for). Moreover, the histopathological analysis showed that the glomerular shrinkage, dilation, degeneration, congestion, vacuolation, and tubular shrinkage were the kidney histopathological changes in group II. It was concluded that A. perryi aqueous and methanolic leaves extracts have no side effects on liver and kidney tissues of rats as compared to Cisplatin and 5- fluorouracil.


Aloe perryi,




5- Fluorouracil,


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EASA, AHA, and FMHS designed; EASA, AHA, FMHS, and HMI performed experiments. EASA, AHA, and HMI wrote and revised the paper.

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Almansory, A.H., Al-Shaibani, E.A.S., Shediwah, F.M.H., Ibrahim, H. M., 2021. The Effect of Cisplatin and 5-Fluorouracil versus Aloe perryi extracts on Rat Liver and Kidney Tissues. PSM Vet. Res., 6(3): 59-73.