Silene inflata Sm: a Potential Source of New Therapeutic Agents

Author's: Muhammad Naeem Iqbal, Asfa Ashraf
Corresponding Author: Muhammad Naeem Iqbal      Email:
Article Type: Editorial     Published: Apr. 30, 2019 Pages: 97-99
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The genus Silene is one of the largest genera of the family Caryophyllaceae, comprising about 700 species (Edalatiyan et al., 2010). Species of this genus are often used in folk medicine for the treatment of various diseases. The species Silene inflata Sm. is a perennial plant, with oval or lanceolate leaves and white flowers, rarely pinkish. It is distributed in North Africa, North America, Europe, Western and Central Asia. In the region of Marrakesh (Morocco) the decoction prepared from root parts of S. inflata is used at the low dose, like vomit and general antidote in cases of poisoning. This plant is also used as an infusion against constipation, to treat wounds, scabies and pruritus and various dermatosis. But it is considered toxic in high doses (Bellakhdar, 1997).

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Iqbal, M.N, Ashraf, A., 2019. Silene inflata Sm: a Potential Source of New Therapeutic Agents. PSM Biol. Res., 4(2): 97-99.