Parameters of Radiotherapy Techniques in Early Breast Cancer

Author's: Mamoona Din, Muhammad Hafeez, Muhammad Naeem Iqbal, Asfa Ashraf, Saman Alam, Saima Masood
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Article Type: Research Article     Published: Nov. 26, 2016 Pages: 66-71
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Carcinoma breast comprises 22.9% of invasive cancers in female and 16% of all female cancers. Worldwide breast cancer causes 13.7% of cancer deaths in women and 6.0% of all cancer deaths for men and women together. 55% of breast cancer is invasive ductal carcinoma. BCS followed by radiation therapy to the intact breast is most acceptable standard of care for the early stage invasive breast cancer. Various radiotherapy techniques are used for breast irradiation. Precise and accurate delivery of radiation to the target volume reduces the relapse and increases the overall survival. 50 patients of early breast cancer with age range of 20-60yrs, who received radiotherapy as a treatment modality, were included in the study. Radiotherapy treatment procedure was analyzed and advantage of different radiotherapy parameters were compared on basis of side effects recorded. Median age of the patients was 45yrs and 70% were of stage-II breast cancer. 44% patients were treated with bolus and 56% were treated without any accessory. 46% minor side effects were recorded after radiotherapy treatment. There was no simulation and verification system for evaluation of radiotherapy treatment, because of lack of facility in the department. It is concluded that there must be availability of all the radiotherapy treatment parameters including simulation, accessories and treatment verification system for accurate delivery of radiotherapy. These parameters can also reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and increase the beneficial ratio of radiotherapy.

Keywords: Carcinoma breast, invasive ductal carcinoma, radiotherapy techniques.

To cite this article: Din, M., Hafeez, M., Iqbal, M.N., Ashraf, A., Alam, S., Masood, S., 2016. Parameters of Radiotherapy Techniques in Early Breast Cancer. PSM Microbiol., 01(2): 66-71.

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