Palynological Characters of Solanum L. Species grown in Sana’a University (New Campus), Yemen

Author's: Hassan M. Ibrahim1*, Najla M. Al-Dhawi1, Ghada M. Al-Kherbi1, Abdul Nasser A. Al-Gifri2,3
Authors' Affiliations
1Biology Department, Faculty of Science, Sana'a University, P.O. Box 12231, Sana'a, Yemen.2Biology Department, Faculty of Education, Aden University, P.O. Box 6312, Khormaksar, Aden,  Yemen.3Biology Department, Faculty of Science, Jazan University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.*CorrespondenceHassan M.
Article Type: Research Article     Published: Apr. 30, 2021 Pages: 25-33
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Morphological characters of a pollen grain are useful as any other characters in classifying and showing the relationships among different taxonomical groups. Earlier taxonomists declared that the leaf morphological characters show a limited taxonomical value in distinguishing between Solanum spp. This study deals with the Palynological Characters of four Solanum taxa (S. coagulans Forssk., S. glabratum Dunal,  S. incanum L. and S. villosum Mill.), belongs to 2 different subgenera (Leptostemonum and Solanum); four sections (Monodolichopus; Oliganthes; Melongena and Solanum) grown in Sana’a University’s new campus and its taxonomical significance. A total of 19 Palynological characters (6 qualitative features and 13 quantitative features) were observed in this study. Pollen size shows a high taxonomical significance in distinguishing between S. coagulans and the other three studied taxa; while aperture (Colporus) size shows a highly significant value in distinguishing between S. villosum and the other three studied taxa. On the other hand, the statistical analysis (Un-weighted pair group mathematical average clustering (UPGMA) and Principle Component Analysis (PCA)) demonstrate the taxonomical relationship which agrees with the taxonomical state of the studied Solanum taxa.


Palynology, S. coagulans, S. glabratum, S. incanum, S. villosum, taxonomy.

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Ibrahim, H.M., Al-Dhawi, N.M., Al-Kherbi, G.M., Al-Gifri, N.A., 2021. Palynological Characters of Solanum L. Species grown in Sana’a University (New Campus), Yemen. PSM Biol. Res., 6(2): 25-33.