Larvicides of Plant Origin: An Effective Insect Pest Management Approach

Author's: Muhammad Naeem Iqbal, Asfa Ashraf

Corresponding Author: Muhammad Naeem Iqbal

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Article Type: Editorial

Published Online: Mar. 31, 2019

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Plants are the chemical factories of nature, producing many chemicals, some of which have medicinal and pesticidal properties.  Larvicides of plant origin are currently receiving considerable attention because of their relatively harmless biodegradable properties. Since 1920s more than 2000 plants have been tested for insecticidal properties. Botanical  pesticides  are  promising  in  that  they  are effective,  environment  –  friendly,  easily  biodegradable and  also  inexpensive.  Botanical  pesticides  have  been used traditionally by human communities in many parts of  the  world  against  pest  species  of  insects.  The failure to discover a significant new class of insecticides has led many researchers back to bio discovery studies in the search for new and economically viable alternatives (Jacobson, 1958). Recently, lot of research work is being carried out in India to search for alternative eco-friendly effective larvicides from botanical origin (Singh et al., 2010).

Many plants have been found to contain chemicals which are helpful for the control of insects (Robert, 2001) and are useful for field applications in mosquito control program (Kalyanasundaram and Das, 1985). Limonoids from Rutaceae particularly citrus (Klocke and Kubo, 1982) have attracted greater apprehension due to their growth regulating activities (Champage et al., 1992).

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