Incidence of HBV and HCV in Young Orphan Students of Swat

Author's: Muhammad Kalim, Habib Ahmad, Abdul Rauf, Shahid Nadeem, Murad Ali Rahat, Shafiq ud Din
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Article Type: Research Article     Published: Sep. 04, 2017 Pages: 128-132
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Hepatitis remains major public health problem in the country, also one of the leading causes of death. The present work was conducted to define the incidence of HBV and HCV infections and related risk factors among young orphan students from different areas of District Swat. A total of 175 samples within the age group of 5-17 years were studied of which 109 were males and 66 females. Initially, samples were examined by immunochromatographic assay (ICT) and were further analyzed by PCR method. 61(34.85%) subjects were found positive for HCV by ICT strip and 31 of these were confirmed by PCR, having 20 male and 11 female. The prevalence rate was recorded 17.71 % for HCV in selected areas. Similarly, for HBV a total of 7 (4%) patients were recorded positive by ICT and 3 (2.75 %) male subject were confirmed by PCR. No female subject was found HBV positive. Total HBV prevalence rate was 1.71 %. Disease frequency revealed increasing configuration and massive health education campaign is needed in related areas of Swat regarding hepatitis B and C viral infections. Vaccination at all healthcare channels should be planned to limit its spread.

Keywords: Hepatitis, HCV, HBV, Immunochromatographic assay, vaccination, PCR.

Cite this article:  Kalim, M., Ahmad, H., Rauf, A., Nadeem, S., Rahat, M.A., Din, S.U., 2017. Incidence of HBV and HCV in Young Orphan Students of Swat. PSM Biol. Res., 2(3): 128-132.

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