Impact of Agricultural Engineering Practices on Farm Management: A Case Study of Gharo Model Farm

Author's: Imran Arshad, Omair Farooqui, Wajiha Ali
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Article Type: Case Report     Published: Jan. 10, 2017 Pages: 40-45
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Effective agricultural practices can improve the farm management system. However, still today many farmers or inhabitants are not able to follow modern, sustainable and environment-friendly methods in farming systems. This paper describes the importance of agricultural engineering practices in farm management system. The extensive research was conducted at Gharo Model Farm, locаted аt south-eаst of Ghаro, Sindh – Pаkistаn in 2012. The farm was facing serious problems of water scarcity, pests, fruit dropping, weeds and lack of management. After rehabilitation of the farm there was an improvement in the overall farming operations. Due to cultural practices, land leveling and water channeling operations, a uniform look among plantation developed and time to fill the irrigation water in to the basins also decreased. Due to effective pesticide operation, the overall mealy bugs and termites appearance reduced by 95%. Application of 30 – 40 kg of organic manure increased the water retention capacity within the soil upto some extent. By the application of Single Super Phosphate (SSP) soil pH was reduced. The average water consumption from 6486 m3/acre was reduced to 4715 m3/acre which was 27% less than the past irrigation practices respectively. Split dosage of NPK (1200:750:300) grams per plant, along with 2 kg/acre of 5% zinc increased the yield of guava and sapota up to 33% and 41% respectively which is an ultimate gain.

Keywords: Agricultural Engineering, Farm Management, Pesticide, Fertilizers, Organic Manuring, Fruit Dropping, Gharo, Pakistan.

Cite this article:  Arshad, I., Farooqui, O., Ali, W., 2017. Impact of Agricultural Engineering Practices on Farm Management: A Case Study of Gharo Model Farm. PSM Biol. Res., 02(1): 40-45.

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