Grape Seed Extract as Natural Antioxidant and Antibacterial in Minced Beef

Author's: Reham, A. Amin, Shimaa, N. Edris
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Article Type: Research Article     Published: May. 30, 2017 Pages: 89-96
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This study aimed to investigate the effect of grape seed extract (GSE) on sensory attributes, delaying lipid oxidation and bacterial growth in raw fresh minced beef during refrigerated storage at 4°C for 10 days. In addition, a synthetic antioxidant (BHT 0.01%) and a control group were used, thus there were five groups of minced beef: Control, BHT 0.01%, GSE50, GSE200 and GSE1000. Overall acceptability, pH and total bacterial counts (TBC) of the control and treated minced beef samples were determined every 48 hrs during refrigerated storage. Development in lipid oxidation was measured by thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (TBARs) and antioxidant activity (AOA %). Scores of overall acceptability of all treated minced beef samples were more acceptable than untreated controls. GSE reduced pH values significantly (p<0.05). Supplementation of GSE significantly retarded the oxidative rancidity of minced beef during refrigerated storage. TBARs values significantly reduced in all treated minced beef samples during storage compared to controls. Moreover, GSE suppressed total bacterial counts (TBC) significantly (p<0.05) relative to the control samples. The antioxidant and antibacterial efficiency of GSE was concentration-dependent. After 10 days of refrigerated storage, the lowest pH, TBARs values and total bacterial counts (TBC) were recorded in minced beef groups treated with GSE1000. Antioxidant and antibacterial activities of the tested minced beef groups were in the order GSE1000 > GSE200 > GSE50 > BHT > Control. Our findings suggest that grape seeds, as a natural agro-waste, could be very effective in extending shelf life and delaying lipid oxidation of minced beef during chilling without affecting sensory attributes, providing the consumer with more healthful food containing a natural antioxidant and antibacterial additive, as an alternative to synthetic additives.

Keywords: Natural Antioxidant, Antioxidant Activity, Lipid Oxidation, Antibacterial Activity, BHT, Grape Seed Extract.

Cite this article:  Amin, R.A., Edris, S.N., 2017. Grape Seed Extract as Natural Antioxidant and Antibacterial in Minced Beef. PSM Biol. Res., 2(2): 89-96.

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