Effect of Post-emergence Herbicides to Control Broad-leaved Weeds in Wheat under Rainfed Conditions


Weeds have an essential economic impact on crops. By competing for resources such as nutrients, water and light, wheat yield decreased approximately ten percent each year. Deprived of weed control, crop yields can be expressively a bridged. Commonly shown that weeds show slow harvest and increase combine repair costs. Some herbicides afford excellent control on broadleaf weed with small or no damage of wheat. Injury varies with variety, growth stage and herbicide. Until on the basis of sensitivity of herbicide there is no any type of research has been conducted on many of the varieties planted. Exclusively this review inspects the field problems of weeds from the chemical point of view. Buctril Super 60EC, Lihua, Ally max and Wheat Star have been studied in populations of herbicide selection and have therefore been selected as vital for this review. A lot of herbicides suggested to control of broadleaf weeds in wheat are Affinity Broad Spec (tribenuron + thifen sulfuron), Buctril super 60 % EC, Logoran Extra, Starane-M, Agility SG (Metsulfuron dicamba + Tribenuron + Thifensulfuron), Ally XP (metsulfuron), 2,4-D, Banvel (dicamba), Bristle 69 EW, Amber (triasulfuron), Curtail (2,4-D + clopyralid), Harmony Puma super 69EW, Topik 15WP, Safener15WP, Certain 80WD and Tremor 24EC. On the basis of exceptional control of broadleaf weeds estimated Bromoxynil, Pyrasulfotoleis and another tool to control ALS-inhibitor resistant weeds. Current studies were started to find out the most effective and economical herbicide and their rates to control broad leaved weeds in wheat.

Keywords: Broad-leaved weeds, Post-Emergence Herbicides, Rainfed.

To cite this article:  Asad, M., Iqbal, M.N., Ashraf, A., Mahmood, Z., Arshad, A., Raza, U., Kashif, M., 2016. Effect of Post-emergence Herbicides to Control Broad-leaved Weeds in Wheat Under Rainfed Conditions. PSM Biol. Res., 01(1): 16-21.

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Author: Muhammad Asad, Muhammad Naeem Iqbal, Asfa Ashraf, Zahid Mahmood, Adnan Arshad, Umair Raza, Muhammad Kashif

Pages: 16-21

Published Online: May. 05, 2016

Article Type: Mini-Review

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