A Review on Nanofluid Impingement Jet Heat Transfer

Author's: Amr Mostafa Darwish, Abdel-Fattah Mohamed Ramsdan El-Kersh, Mohamed Naguib El-Sheikh, Ibraheem Mahmoud El-Moghazy
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Article Type: Review Article     Published: Oct. 23, 2017 Pages: 1-15
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This paper presents overview of experimental investigations and numerical developments using single or multiple nanofluid jet impingement on a hot surface as a heat transfer enhancement technique which employed in many industrial applications. Jet impingement systems can be classified as: confined, semi confined and unconfined jet. Nanofluid can enhance heat transfer process due to its thermal transport properties of the base fluid, increase the surface area and heat capacity of the fluid and the thermal conductivity. The results of heat transfer enhancement, fluid flow characteristics and effects of nanofluid jet impingement geometrical parameters were presented and analyzed from the previous studies. Nanofluid preparations, its physical and thermal properties with correlations are also presented.


Heat transfer enhancement, fluid flow, jet impingement, nanofluid, single jet, multiple jets.

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Darwish, A.M., Elkersh, A.M.R., Elsheikh, M.N., Elmoghazy, I.M., 2017. A Review on Nanofluid Impingement Jet Heat Transfer. Int. J. Nanotech. Allied. Sci., 1(1): 1-15.


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