Ahed Jumah Mahmoud Alkhatib

Ahed J

Dr. Ahed Jumah Mahmoud Alkhatib is currently working as a researcher at Jordan University of Science and Technology. He obtained his Ph.D. in Medical Technology from Campbell State University, USA. His main areas of interest are related to biomedical sciences, environmental sciences, cancer research, diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and autism. His areas of expertise include Immunohistochemistry, Histopathology, Special Stains, P53, Hsp70, Hsp90, Inos, Diabetes, Cancer, Tumor, Parkinson Disease, Autism, Heavy Metals, Environment, Lead, Mercury, Aluminum, Cobalt, Toxicology, Molecular, Lymphoma, Biomarkers, Leadership, and Violence Cell Cycle, Cancer Biology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Apoptosis, Cancer Biomarkers, Epidemiology, and Gene Expression. He is the author and co-author of 41 research articles. He has published more than 130 articles in various medical fields, including neuroscience, pharmacology, and diabetes. His approaches to research include the involvement of philosophy of science in research, which gives looking and thinking in depth. He has developed several hypotheses in medicine, such as the role of white matter in initiating diseases such as diabetes. In microbiology, he has demonstrated that prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells are similar in producing cell cycle proteins that can participate in autoimmunity diseases.

We extend a warm welcome to Dr. Ahed Jumah Mahmoud Alkhatib as he starts his new role as the Editor-in-Chief, and we look forward to him leading IJNAS to achieve many more milestones.

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