Call for papers: Microbes-host interactions; new perspectives

Guest Editor: Dr. Ahed J Alkhatib

The interactions between symbiotic or pathogenic microbes and the hosts they colonize are central to both health and disease. The theme of this special issue is to highlight the importance of microbe-host interactions covering the following topics:

The structure of biofilm and its impacts on preserving the integrity of microbes.

Cross-talks between microbes and host and the influence on pathogenicity of some diseases.

Common cell cycle aspects between microbes and host cells.

To present various points of view regarding Microbe-host interactions; new perspectives, we invite you and/or members of your research team to submit manuscript(s) for this special issue.

Please submit directly to PSM Microbiology stating in your cover letter that you are targeting the “Microbe-host interactions; new perspectives” special issue.

The journal welcomes the submission of original manuscripts (Please see Plagiarism Policy) that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence.

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