Commercial use of papers published under the Open Access model (CC-BY-NC)

Under the terms of the Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial license any re-use of published articles or papers published under a CC-BY-NC copyright ...
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psm editing services

Ready to begin your writing? Help your results stand out

A lot of manuscripts are rejected due to poor English, poor presentation and not adhering to instruction to authors. We ...
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endnote style

Set up Abbreviated Journal Titles in EndNote

PSM Journals require journal titles to be abbreviated. EndNote Library Style for bibliography can be downloaded here. EndNote comes with ...
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science contribution 2016

Scientific Contribution of PSM during the Year 2016

Pakistan Science Mission (PSM) is celebrating its 2nd year of success. It was hard time to organize all the things ...
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fish culture

Aquaculture Techniques in Use Worldwide

The concept of aquaponics, including a brief history of its development and its place within the larger category of soil-less ...
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