Article Publication Calendar

Article Publication Calendar

Articles are published online immediately after acceptance in the upcoming issues of the journal. You can submit your article at any time throughout the year. The publication calendar, corresponding with the publication of journal issues, is as follows:

Journal Name Number of issues/year Schedule of publication
PSM Biological Research 4 November–January February–April May–July August–October
PSM Veterinary Research 3 December–March April–July August–November
PSM Microbiology 4 January–March April–June July–September October–December
International Journal of Alternative Fuels and Energy 3 November–February March–June July–October
International Journal of Nanotechnology and Allied Sciences 3 October–January February–May June–September
International Journal of Molecular Microbiology 3 January–April May–August September–December

 If your article is submitted after the completion of the volume, it will be considered for the following year’s volume. The sooner you submit, the sooner your article will begin the peer-review process. Also, because we publish “online first,” early submission means that your article may be published with a full citation as soon as it is ready, even if that is before the full issue is published.


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2 thoughts on “Article Publication Calendar”

  1. please may i publish my paper on PSM Microbiology. i want to know the impact factor of your journal

  2. Dear Reham Abd El Aziz Amin, You are welcome to publish with PSM Microbiology journal. This journal is indexed by good indexing agencies. There are no publishing charges.

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