Editorial Board

Scientific Editors

Aldara da Silva Cesar

Email: aldaracesar@id.uff.br

Department: Agribusiness Engineering and Research

University: Fluminense Federal University, Brazil

Position: Professor

Country: Brazil

Expertise: Agribusiness System and Energy Systems: Diagnostics, Strategic Planning

Muhammad Nadeem

Email: mnadeempk@yahoo.com

Department: Food Biotechnology Research Lab

University: PCSIR Laboratories Complex Lahore

Position: Senior Research Officer

Country: Pakistan

Expertise: Biotechnology, Microbiology

Mostafa El-Sheekh

Email: mostafaelsheekh@yahoo.com

Department: Botany Department

University: Tanta University, Tanta 31527- Egypt

Position: Professor

Country: Egypt

Expertise: Phycology

Abdulaziz Atabani

Email: aeatabani@gmail.com

Department: Engineering

University: Erciyes University

Position: Assistant Professor

Country: Turkey

Expertise: Biofuel, Engineering

Executive Editors

Muhammad Naeem Iqbal

Email: chairman@psm.org.pk

Department: School of Life Sciences

University: Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, China.

Position: Chairman PSM

Country: Pakistan

Expertise: Molecular Microbiology, Biology

Asfa Naeem

Email: chief-executive@psm.org.pk

Department: School of Life Sciences

University: Fujian Normal University, China

Position: Chief Executive PSM

Country: Pakistan

Expertise: Biology, Microbiology

Associate Editors

Fatma Allam

Email: fatmaallam82@yahoo.com

Department: Faculty of Science

University: Alexandria University, Egypt

Position: PSM Executive Coordinator

Country: Egypt

Expertise: Biofuel Research

Dipak A. Jadhav

Email: deepak.jadhav1795@gmail.com

Department: Environmental Science

University: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Position: Researcher

Country: India

Expertise: Water management, Environmental Science

Editorial Board Members

Muhammad Saleem Iqbal

Email: info@psmpublishers.org

Department: Information Technology

University: Pakistan Science Mission.

Position: Web Management

Country: Pakistan

Expertise: Computer Science

Dhinesh Balasubramanian

Email: dhineshbala91@gmail.com

Department: Department of mechanical Engineering

University: Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi

Position: Assistant Professor

Country: India

Expertise: Alternative fuels

Zafar Said

Email: zaffar.ks@gmail.com

Department: Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering

University: University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE

Position: Assistant Professor

Country: United Arab Emirates

Expertise: Sustainable and Renewable Energy

Rajesh Kumar Saluja

Email: rksaluja@amity.edu

Department: Mechanical & Automation Engineering

University: Amity School of Engineering & Technology Bijwasan

Position: Assistant Professor

Country: India

Expertise: Mechanical & Automation Engineering

Arvind Prasad Dwivedi

Email: adarvindchitrakoot@gmail.com

Department: Department of Chemistry

University: Govt. Sanjay Gandhi Smrati, College, Sidhi (M.P.)

Position: Lecturer

Country: India

Expertise: Physical Chemistry, Environmental and Industrial Chemistry

Azara Iqbal

Email: admin@psmpublishers.org

Department: Mass Communication

University: Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad

Position: Administrator

Country: Pakistan

Expertise: Biology, Mass Communication