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Effect of ten types of plant oils and 11 types of minerals in the form of chlorides were tested on the production of exopolysaccharides from Fomitopsis feei in common production broth medium. Groundnut oil among the plant oils and sodium chloride among the minerals showed a positive effect on the production of exopolysaccharides from Fomitopsis feei. Thus, it creates a scientific basis to explore the exopolysaccharide effectively from F. feei, hence this medicinal mushroom will be effectively exploited in the future.


Exopolysaccharide, Fomitopsis feei, shake culture, plant oils, and minerals.


Hima Bindu, S.V.S.S.S.L.N., Singara Charya, M.A., 2018. Influence of Plant Oils and Metals on Exopolysaccharide Production by Fomitopsis feei. PSM Microbiol. 3(3): 93-97.