An experiment was conducted to study the comparative influence of organic and inorganic chromium on mortality percentage in Japanese quails. A total of 700, day old Japanese quail chicks were randomly divided into seven treatment groups with four replicates consisting of 25 quail chicks in each replicate. Quails were provided with feed supplemented with inorganic chromium, organic chromium in the form of chromium with azolla and chromium with yeast at 500 and 1000 ppb levels and a control diet without chromium supplement from day old to six weeks of age. The incidence of mortality was higher during early stages of life (0-3weeks) rather than later stages (4-6weeks) in all the treatment groups including control. Highest mortality (14 per cent) was observed in control group and lowest mortality (3 per cent) was observed in the treatment group provided with 500 ppb of chromium with azolla.


Chromium, Mortality, Azolla, Yeast, Japanese quails.


Moghanapriya, G.P., Veeramani, P., Rajini, R.A., Pasupathy, K., 2018. The Influence of Chromium Sources on Mortality Percentage in Japanese Quails. PSM Vet. Res., 3(1): 6-9.