Cellulases are produced from a variety of the microorganisms; include both bacteria and fungi. Solid state fermentation, liquid state fermentation and fed batch fermentation techniques are utilized for the manufacture of cellulases. Cellulases have vast applications in almost every industry and are extensively used in fabric manufacturing. Enzymes have been used in the pulp for juice making, food processing, paper manufacturing, and pharmaceutical applications. The process recycling in paper industry had great importance and its value increased day by day in writing and printing papers. Many manufacturing services in paper industry were integrated. Paper mills start with wood chipping at first, followed by pulping, bleaching, papermaking, and recycling of the past consumer products. Reduction of energy by cellulase enzyme and chemicals has been used to improve the quality of paper and help to decrease the environmental influence of the pulp production. In near future, the need of cellulases will be strongly recommended for the commercial production of bio fuels and bio energy.


Pulp, paper, cellulose, fungi, bacteria, bleaching.


Imran, M., Bano, S., Nazir, S., Javid, A., Asad, M.J., Yaseen, A., 2019. Cellulases Production and Application of Cellulases and Accessory Enzymes in Pulp and Paper Industry: A Review. PSM Biol. Res., 4(1): 29-39.